Peony Heaven Scent Set
Peony Heaven Scent Set

Peony Heaven Scent Set

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Enjoy our beautiful Peony throughout the day with this Eau De Toilette Gift Set.

Direction of use: Apply the Moisturising Shower Gel to damp skin in the shower or bath and work into a rich lather across the skin, rinse thoroughly. After patting your skin dry apply our Conditioning Body Souffle in circular motions taking care to focus on areas of concern such as elbows and knees. Finally lightly spray the Eau De Toilette on to pulse points  behind the ears and wrists. Alternatively mist the air surrounding you and  gently walk through it.

Gift set includes: Peony 50ml Eau De Toilette Spray, Moisturising Shower Gel 100ml & Conditioning Body Souffle 100ml.




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